Business Meeting

2018 Business Meeting

1. Minutes from 2017 Annual Business Meeting. (Attached.)

2. Standing Reports

2018 Treasurer Report (Joanna Schreiber).

Programmatic Perspectives (Susan Popham).

2018 Website Report

2018 Assessment Committee Report

White Papers / Administrative Committee (Tammy Rice-Bailey, Aimee Roundtree, Felicia Chong). The CPTSC Administrator’s Committee is working on providing membership with sample syllabi, projects, and assignments for several courses, including service courses, capstone courses, science writing courses, and UX courses.  We plan to have initial resources posted to the website by the end of the year. The White Paper subcommittee will be meeting later this month (October) to discuss potential topics for the upcoming series of white papers.

3. Conferences

  1. 2017 Conference Report (Joanna Schreiber).  Numbers, cost, registration, ad revenue.
  2. Question regarding co-host with SIGDOC (Marj Rush Hovde).
  3. Proposal for 2019 Conference Site – West Chester University in West Chester, PA. CPTSCProposal2019 New Street Catering Everyday Menu 2018-2019
  4. Proposal for 2020 Conference Site – University of North Texas, Denton, TX CPTSC 2020 proposal 100118

4. New Business.

  1. CPTSC-GO proposal.  An Ad-Hoc exploratory committee was established in 2017 to explore the formation of CPTSC-GO (Graduate Organization). Graduate students Nathan Bollig, Errol Rivers, and Sara Doan worked with Lisa Meloncon, Kelli-Cargile Cook, and Marjorie Rush Hovde to revise a proposal for presentation to CPTSC. The proposal outlines next steps for establishing a CPTSC-GO committee. CPTSC President Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch approved the formation of the committee. Discussion.  
  2. Any new business from membership.  

5. New Officers Announcement and Installation

  1. Outgoing Officers. Thank you to outgoing CPTSC Officers/Executive Committee (elected October 2016).
    • Past-President: LisaMelonçon, University of Southern Florida
    • President: Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, University of Minnesota
    • Vice-President: Russell Willerton, Georgia Southern University
    • Treasurer: Joanna Schreiber, Georgia Southern University
    • Secretary: Rebecca Walton, Utah State University
    • Members-at-Large (4)
      • Denise Tillery, University of Nevada – Las Vega
      • K. Alex Ilyasova, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
      • Teena Carnegie, Eastern Washington University
      • Han Yu, Kansas State University

Incoming Officers. Congratulations to incoming CPTSC Officers/Executive Committee (elected August 2018). Vote to ratify election results.

  • Past-President: Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, University of Minnesota
  • President:  Marjorie Rush Hovde, IUPUI
  • Vice-President: Teena Carnegie, Eastern Washington University
  • Treasurer: Joanna Schreiber, Georgia Southern University
  • Secretary:  Felicia Chong, Oakland University
  • Members-at-Large (4)
    • Erin Friess, University of North Texas
    • Lora Arduser, University of Cincinnati
    • Tammy Rice-Bailey, Milwaukee School of Engineering
    • Corinne Renguette, IUPUI

6. Announcements.

  1. Dan Riordan Scholarship. Bruce Maylath and Julie Watts propose a $500 annual scholarship in memory of Dan Riordan. The funding source of the scholarship would be UW-Stout Foundation, and individuals can contribute to the fund. A committee would be established to gather and review scholarship applications. CPTSC Dan Riordan Proposal-3 Discussion.








2019 CPTSC Proposal

2019 Proposed Catering Menu

2020 CPTSC Proposal

Dan Riordan Scholarship Proposal